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Solar Financing

Sensible Solar Financing Solutions

We help our clients seek and obtain available government incentives, as well as provide different financing structures to suit your business needs.

We offer the following financing options:

  • Cash payment
  • Solar Loan. Customer borrows a portion, or all, of the required capital.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A third-party investor finances and owns the system, and sells electricity to the customer over a PPA term at a preset energy rate ($/kWh).

To help you decide which financing option is best for your organization, download a decision aid.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) exactly? Solar PPA Model Explained

Everything we do at SunPeak is transparent, because we want our customers to be educated consumers of the solar products we feel passionate about, including the cost-benefit of  financing options.

No matter the financing path, your business will be protected from rising costs of non-renewable energy sources, making solar power one of the best investments you can make towards the longevity of your business.

Calculate Your ROI

SunPeak knows that every business has its own energy consumption requirements, making the return on your investment unique to you. In order to help our customers understand the value of their investment before making a commitment, we help educate them on the four biggest drivers of a project’s ROI:

  • Utility Electric Rate. The higher the existing cost of electricity, the higher the solar ROI.
  • Available Subsidies. For example Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) or Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) available to commercial customers under the Australian Government Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.
  • Depreciation Rates. Depreciation lifetime is nominally 20years in Australia for Solar Photovoltaic systems.
  • Debt Financing / Leverage. Bank financing increases return on equity (cash-on-cash).

For additional help in calculating the return on your solar investment, request a solar financial analysis for your facility

Infographic of PPA savings


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